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Vet mHealth app in Final Stage of VA Approval

The Vet mHealth app by Caren, LLC is in the final stage of approval by the VA Lighthouse program for inclusion in the VA App Store. Once approved by the VA, the Android and iOS versions of Vet mHealth will allow Vets to:

· Speak all health measurements and information into the app.

· Connect to their or account to download health information into the app.

· Create a single, updated list of medications to share with physicians.

· Gather medical and legal documents in one place.

· Connect the app to popular consumer medical devices and wearables.

· Share health information with authorized VA and non-VA healthcare providers.

· Invite a family caregiver to enter health information for them.

We gave a demo to the VA on June 13, 2023 and submitted the final development requirements on June 23, 2023, We’re currently awaiting approval for production access. We plan to begin open beta testing of the Vet mHealth apps with Vets shortly after approval.

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