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Real World Health Data
in the Cloud

Real world health data includes data from at-home medical devices, wearables, and patient reported outcomes.


Caren mHealth collects a full range of physical and mental health data 


Patient Engagement

User-friendly, voice interactive mobile apps provide a simple, intuitive design that allows users to enter or view measurements and observations with only one tap.

Interoperable and 

Caren collects data from wearables and point-of-care devices such as iHealth, Fitbit, Omron, Tenovi, and Withings. Data is displayed on a web dashboard that can be viewed inside or outside your EHR. 

Caren can be customized to collect health data from specialized medical devices using APIs.

Condition-Specific Solutions

Monitor specific patient conditions by selecting from a list of physiological measurements, patient-reported observations, and other features such as medications and medical devices. 

Patient and Nurse

The more eyes on the patient, the better the outcome.

Caren mHealth connects family caregivers, practitioners, pharmacists, hospitals, and clinics for the best possible care of the patient.




We deliver cost-effective, customized software that collects and shares real world health data with everyone who cares for the physical and mental health of a patient.



Lead the mHealth technology space by collecting real world health data and securely connecting patients, healthcare providers, and caregivers to improve physical and mental health care outcomes.

What makes us different


Interoperable with EHRs using SMART® on FHIR APIs and VA Lighthouse APIs.

Complete View of Patient

Receive up to eight physiological measurements, six patient reported observations, and an updated medication list for a more complete view of the patient.

Monitor Patients as Needed

Device or deviceless monitoring as needed for days/weeks/months after discharge, or between in-person and virtual visits. 


Family caregivers can enter health information for the patient and build a Village of support.


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Cerner 2019 code App Challenge Winner!

J.M. Simmonds, CEO Clear Path Home Care

"Caren RPM could clearly be a differentiator for home health agencies likes ours.  It fills a gap in the continuum of care.  Our medical partners now can be alerted to a life-threatening situation in real-time.  With more eyes on the patient, we have better outcomes"

Dr. Shamly Abdelfattah, PharmD, CEO TelecareUS

"Caren’s platform and mobile apps are a great tool for improving medication adherence by providing an end-to-end digital platform that not only engages and educates patients about their medications but also presents their real world health data to their provider.“

J.M. Simmonds

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