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How to Enhance Caregiver Communication in the VA Medical Foster Homes Program: Introducing Vet mHealth

Innovations in healthcare technology continue to transform how we provide care, especially for our Veterans. At the forefront of this movement is Vet mHealth, a revolutionary, voice interactive mobile platform designed to simplify the collection of Veterans’ health data and streamline communication between their caregivers and healthcare providers. This blog post explores how Vet mHealth can improve health outcomes for our nation's heroes in the VA Medical Foster Home Program by increasing the effectiveness of Home-Based Primary Care (HBPC) teams. HBPC teams consist of VA physicians, nurses, social workers, therapists, and specialists.

The Challenge: Bridging Communication Gaps

Caregivers in the VA Medical Foster Home Program play a crucial role in the lives of Veterans who cannot live on their own due to a chronic condition, complex care needs, or difficulty getting to the VA for appointments. Caregivers must be able to follow the Veteran’s treatment plan and communicate any significant changes in the Veteran’s normal appearance, behavior or state of health and well-being to the HBPC healthcare team. However, staying connected with the HBPC healthcare team can sometimes be challenging. Some of these challenges include:

  • Distance and Accessibility: Caregivers and HBPC team members may be geographically dispersed, making in-person meetings difficult or time-consuming.

  • Information Sharing: Caregivers generally communicate crucial health parameters such as blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, and glucose levels of the veterans to the HBPC team via regular phone or virtual meetings.

  • Technology: Ensuring timely and accurate sharing of health information, including changes in the Veteran's condition, medications, and treatment plans, can be challenging without efficient communication tools.

  • Privacy and Security: Maintaining patient confidentiality while sharing sensitive health information electronically is a concern that caregivers and HBPC teams must address when using phone calls, virtual meetings, emails, and texts.

Introducing Vet mHealth

Vet mHealth is a secure, cloud-based platform with voice-interactive iOS and Android mobile apps that allow Veterans and their authorized caregivers to easily collect real world health data and other health records in one place and securely share it with anyone, anywhere, at any time to achieve their health goals. The Vet mHealth app allows Veterans to easily invite their authorized caregiver to enter health information for them. The app is free for Veterans and caregivers to download and start using today. Costs for the HBPC team start at $15/month per Veteran being monitored.

The Vet mHealth mobile app:

  • Records eight physiological measurements by manual entry or connecting to popular consumer medical devices and transmits the readings in real-time.

  • Captures observations like symptoms, falls, photos, ER/clinic visits, and vaccinations.

  • Allows Veterans to maintain an updated list of current and discontinued medications and share it in real-time with the HBPC team.

  • Allows Veterans to connect the Vet mHealth app to their account through,, My HealtheVet and DS Logon.

  • Provides secure document storage for Veterans’ medical records and insurance and legal documents to improve the caregiver’s preparation during healthcare appointments and emergencies.

  • Ensures caregiving continuity for Veterans by allowing them to seamlessly change caregivers or HBPC teams.

  • Allows caregivers to enter health information for themselves to promote caregiver health and well-being.

  • Includes an intuitive interface that ensures ease of use for those unfamiliar with technology, making it accessible to caregivers of all backgrounds.


Connecting Everyone Who Cares for Veterans

The Vet mHealth platform includes voice-interactive iOS and Android mobile apps to improve communication between Veterans, caregivers, and providers for acute or chronic disease management, medication adherence, mental health, and clinical trials.

Get Started Today

Are you ready to revolutionize caregiver and HBPC communication in VA Medical Foster Homes? Vet mHealth is eager to collaborate with the VA Medical Foster Home Program and HBPC teams to enhance caregiver support and improve Veteran outcomes. Contact us at and follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@vetmhealth) to learn how Vet mHealth can benefit your HBPC team. Together, let's ensure that Veterans receive the exceptional care they deserve.

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