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Vet mHealth Offers Vets Personal Control of Health Information

The free Vet mHealth app allows Veterans to gather and organize their health information and share it with VHA and non-VHA healthcare providers, including physicians, pharmacies, home health agencies, and clinical researchers. Vets have personal control over how and when they share health information. Vets can record health information such as blood pressure, heart rate, glucose, temperature, pain, %SpO2, weight, and pain level, as well as observations like vaccinations, falls, symptoms, and ER/clinic visits. Vet mHealth displays a list of healthcare providers who are monitoring the Vet’s health information. At any time, Vets can stop sharing health information with a provider. Vet mHealth successfully completed the VA Lighthouse API approval process, allowing Vets to use the app to quickly and securely connect with the VA’s services and manage their healthcare information.

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