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Vet mHealth App Released for Veterans and Military Caregivers

Updated: May 23

The Vet mHealth iOS and Android apps are available free for Veterans! Vet mHealth is a voice-interactive mobile app that allows Veterans to securely collect real world health data and other health records in one place and securely share it with anyone, anywhere, at any time to achieve their health goals. The Vet mHealth app offers the following features for Veterans. 

  • Speak all health measurements and information into the app.

  • Create a single, updated list of medications to share with healthcare providers.

  • Gather medical and legal documents in one place and share them with an emergency contact.

  • Connect to the Veteran’s preferred account and download health information into the app.

  • Connect the app to popular consumer medical devices and wearables from Fitbit®, iHealth®, Omron®, Tenovi®, and Withings®.

  • Share health information with authorized VA and non-VA healthcare providers.

  • Invite a family caregiver to enter health information for the Veteran. Military caregivers can also enter health information for themselves to promote their health and well-being.

The Vet mHealth mobile apps are available in the App Store and Play Store. Veterans and caregivers can provide direct feedback through the apps to help the developers improve the app. 

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